Chicago Mission Center 2017 Calendar


    • Congregational Events
    • Mission Center Events
    • World Church Events
    • Legal Holidays (USA)

1               New Year’s Day (offices closed)
6               Epiphany
14             MC Council Meeting (10am-4pm), Lombard
16             Martin Luther King Jr Day (office) closed)
21             Camp QL Work Day (8am-12pm) Cancelled due to group booking
21             Camp Quarryledge Board Meeting (1pm-3pm), Elgin

18             Ministry of the Disciple TS-P1 (10am-4pm)
20             Presidents Day (offices closed)

1               Ash Wednesday
4               Ministry of the Disciple TS-P2 (10am-4pm)
10-12        Women’s Retreat
12             Daylight Savings (Spring forward one hour!)

1               “Ministry with Latter-Day Seekers” Training (9am-4:30pm)
2               MC Council Conference Call
3               President’s Address (Webcast)
6               Church Anniversary
9               Palm/Passion Sunday
13             Maunday Thursday
14             Good Friday (Offices Closed)
16             Easter
22             Camp Quarryledge Work Day (8am-12pm)
22             Camp Quarryledge Board Meeting (1pm-3pm)
29             Introduction to Scripture TS-P1 (10am-4pm)
30             Fund Board Meeting (3pm)

1               First Day to Submit Strategic Goals Fund Grant Requests
13             Introduction to Scripture TS-P2 (10am-4pm)
14             Mother’s Day
29             Memorial Day (offices closed)

4               Pentecost
4-8           Junior Camp, Brush Creek Campgrounds
18             Father’s Day
25-30        Sr High Camp, Brush Creek Campgrounds (ends on July 1st)

1               Sr High Camp, Brush Creek Campgrounds (starts June 25th)
4               Independence Day (offices closed)
8-14          Jr High Camp, Brush Creek Campgrounds
14-16        Reunion/Family Camp Weekend, Camp Quarryledge
22-29        Graceland Spectacular
23             MC Council Conference Call (3pm)

5               Primary/Jr Family Fun Day

1               Last Day to Submit Strategic Goals Fund Grant Requests
2               MC Council Meeting (10am-4pm)
4               Labor Day (offices closed)
11             Fund Board Meeting (7pm)
16             Camp Quarryledge Car and Craft Show (11am-3pm)
30             Libertyville Fall Fest

13-15        Graceland Homecoming
14             Camp Quarryledge Work Day (8am-12pm)
14             Camp Quarryledge Board Meeting (1pm-3pm)
21             Chicago USA Mission Center Fall Conference and Fall Festival (11am-5pm)

11             Men’s Retreat, Camp Quarryledge (10am-5pm)
17-18       Ministry of the Seventy Class, Instructor: Karin Peter
23-24       Thanksgiving (offices closed)
27             First Sunday of Advent

22-31       Christmas (offices closed)
29-31       Yuletide Retreat, Camp Quarryledge