As a church committed to Christ’s mission in the world, the Chicago USA Mission Center offers grants to congregations and their membership to encourage experimentation with new expressions of mission and ministry that align with the Identity, Mission, Message and Beliefs of the Community of Christ, and address one or more of the Mission Initiatives set forth by the Church.

Each year, applications are accepted from qualifying persons/groups. A total of $20,000 is available each year for the funding of approved ministry projects. Individual grants are limited to $5000.00 per year, and actual amounts granted depend on the number of qualifying requests. Because the grants are offered for the purpose of fostering missional thinking, and finding new ways to participate in the building of the Peaceable Kingdom, projects are encouraged to collaborate with other community organizations where appropriate and develop other source of funding so as to limit their long term dependence on these funds.

Projects Being Funded in 2017:

African American Ministries (Brainerd Community of Christ)

  • Inviting People to Christ, Developing Disciples to Serve, and Pursuing Peace as a church and in collaboration with other organizations in and around the Brainerd community.

Young Peacemaker’s Club (Elgin Community of Christ)

  • Teaching children of the Elgin and Streamwood communities to pursue peace through conflict resolution skills, diversity awareness, and peacemaking skills.

The Table (Griffith, IN)

  • Building sacred community in an informal coffeehouse setting where all are welcome…where people can express themselves, affirm one another and practice empathy towards old friends and new acquaintances.

Walk-In Ministy (Lombard Community of Christ)

  • Serving persons who are experiencing homelessness in the Lombard community.

Community Outreach to School Age Youth (Mission IL Community of Christ)

  • Serving the needs of children in Marseilles IL and surrounding communities by collaborating with other community churches and organizations to support the “Norway After the Bell Connection,” and the “Packs for Pals” program.

Home Visitation Ministry and Bible Study (On Edge Ministries)

  • Seeking to Develop Disciples to Serve, Abolish Poverty and End Suffering, and Invite People to Christ, this ministry offers invaluable connection to marginalized populations through home visitation and scripture studies in a non-threatening, supportive environment.

Application Process:

Applications for 2018 grants should be submitted between May 1st and September 1st, 2017.
First year requests only need to print and complete the “Cover Letter” and “SGF Application.”
Existing programs need to also submit an “Annual Progress Report” no later than September 15th, 2017.